About AB Innovative Corporate


AB Innovative Corporate

Welcome to A B Innovative Corporate – A company which works on Your Education, Staffing, Training& Placements, and Industrial Maintenance needs.

We are recognized for providing hassle free services from Education to Staffing to Air Conditioner (AC) – Electrical - Plumbing - Painting - Maintenance and Services to various industries and households.

For these and many more services which would be customized to your needs, please contact us to know more.

AB Innovative Corporate

We believe in what best we can deliver to our customer

Welcome to A B Innovative Corporate – ABIC offers and segregates its services into two dimensions


Services Dimension 1

Teaching, Training & Staffing

   Job Training

   Job Placements

   Staffing – Permanent & Temporary

   Educational Course Admission – for any degree

   Education Projects

   Workforce Allotment and Maintenance

   Assisting with Education Loans and Scholarships

Above services are open for any candidate who is searching for job and courses to study and also for those who are looking for job change


Services Dimension 2

Installation and Maintenance

   AC – Air Conditioning



   Fabrication work

   Painting Services

All these services include installation, repair and maintenance for Offices, Factories, Institutions, Malls, Apartment and for all business places.

Why Us

The core of the work culture at ABIC is to make our client happy.
ABIC believes more in honesty and integrity as our major business etiquette.
We strongly believe that if our clients grow because of our work, we shall definitely grow with our clients.
We have internal processes to ensure we take the least amount of time to fulfill our clients' requirements.
We have internal processes to make sure communication with our clients is accurate and reliable.
We work effectively and efficiently for to provide best services for our clients.